• Shaji George Kochuthara DVK, Bangalore


Covid-19, Democracy, Family, Healthcare Crisis, Migrants, Online Classes, Poverty, Social Distancing, Theology of Suffering, Untouchability, Women


COVID-19 has resulted in a global healthcare crisis. Besides, it has led to multiple crises—religious, pastoral, ethical, social, political, economic, etc. Research on Covid-19, especially research on vaccines, also has raised many ethical questions. This paper discusses various ethical challenges posed by Covid-19.

People belonging to all strata have been affected by Covid-19. However, the poor, the migrants and people working in the unorganised sectors have suffered the most. Covid-19 has its impact on the family as well. Many were happy to get the opportunity to spend more time together at home. At the same time, for many it has been a time of financial crisis. Covid-19 has also led to conflicts and quarrels among family members, depression, and in some cases even suicides. There have been also reports of increased domestic violence, and abuse of women and children. There are also indications of increased number of incest and sexual abuse of children, besides various forms of physical violence on them. Covid-19 has exposed lack of leadership in the world. As many experts have pointed out, one of the chief victims of COVID-19 may be democracy. Besides, community life has been severely affected by Covid-19. Covid-19 poses many challenges to theology: We need to develop a theology that makes lay people more mature and independent in their spiritual life. A Family-centred, People-centred theology and spirituality have to be developed. Theology of Suffering, Theology of Hope, etc. is to be given greater attention.

Author Biography

Shaji George Kochuthara, DVK, Bangalore

Shaji George Kochuthara, CMIis Associate Professor of Moral Theologyat Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram. He is Editor-in-Chief of Asian Horizons: Dharmaram Journal of Theology, Associate General Editor of Jeevadhara Journal of Theology, Co-Chair of “Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church” (CTEWC), and the President of the Association of Moral Theologians of India. He is editor of “Dharmaram Moral Theology Series.”He serves on the editorial board of a few journals and is also the chairperson of the institutional ethics committee of St Martha's Hospital, Bangalore.His publications includeThe Concept of Sexual Pleasure in the Catholic Moral Tradition(Gregorian, Rome, 2007), Revisiting Vatican II: 50 Years of Renewal, 3 Vols, ed. (Bangalore, 2014-2015),Moral Theology in Indian Today, ed. (Bangalore, 2013),GenderJusticein the Church and Society, ed. (Bangalore 2016),Human Formationin Major Seminaries, co-editor (Bangalore, 2017), and over 100 articles.


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