Synodality in the Church from a Biblical Perspective


  • Joy Philip Kakkanattu Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram


Synodality has solid roots in the Bible. Both creation and history, the medium of Biblical revelation documented in the Bible can be analyzed to understand aspects of Synodality in the Church. One such important aspect is journeying together of God and human beings. The Exodus, the Covenant, the Christ Event, the Jerusalem Council, etc., are important moments of this journeying together. When Synodality expected of covenant community is a miss, prophets intervened to restore it. In the New Testament, this divine-human journeying together becomes a more tangible reality in the person of Jesus Christ and his mission. The early Christian community drew inspiration from the inclusive and compassionate approach of Jesus to lay the foundational principles of ecclesial journeying together basically as inclusive and non-partisan. Thus, a study of the Biblical vision of Synodality is important for implementing Synodality in the Church.