(Book VI of CIC): Additions, Omissions and Modifications - A Guide to understanding the changes in the Canons


  • Shaji Jerman Diocese of Quilon


The reformed Book VI of CIC made it easy for the readers by clearly indicating the additions, omissions and modifications. Pope Francis through his Apostolic Constitution Pascite Gregem Dei dated 23 May 2021 effected this revision in Book VI, ‘Penal Sanctions in the Church’.1 One important addition in the book is the responsibility of the head of a Church in safeguarding justice. “The one who is at the head of a Church must safeguard and promote the good of the community itself and of each of Christ’s faithful, through pastoral charity, example of life, advice and exhortation and, if necessary, also through the imposition or declaration of penalties, in accordance with the provisions of the law, which are always to be applied with canonical equity and having in mind the restoration of  justice, the reform of the offender, and the repair of scandal” (can. 1311§2). Subheadings are given to canons to understand easily the meaning and significance of the texts. Wherever available the parallel canon numbers of CCEO are also cited. In the footnotes, the additions, omissions and modifications made in the canons are indicated by underlining them or by striking them off.