• Maria-Ionela Cristescu Pontificio Istituto Orientale


The Marian Note of the Canonical Legislation, Legislation on Marian Cult, The christifideles and the Marian Cult, Théotokos and Religious Life


The author makes an attempt to expose the place and role of Bl. V. Mary in the canons of CCEO. She treats 1) The Marian Note of the Canonical Legislation, 2) «Status quaestionis» of the Canonical Legislation on Marian Cult, 3) The Christifideles and the Marian Cult in CCEO can. 884, and 4) Théotokos and Religious Life according to CCEO under the following subtitles: 4.1) Théotokos, Regina Monachorum and Mater religiosorum, 4.2) Théotokos and Consecrated Life: Specific and Non-Specific Reference, 4.3) the “marianity” of CCEO can. 410 and finally 4. 4) Théotokos and the Liturgical Norms.

Author Biography

Maria-Ionela Cristescu, Pontificio Istituto Orientale

Sister Maria-Ionela CRISTESCU belongs to a Romanian Greek – Catholic religious institute (the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart), founded in prison in the 50s in the middle of the persecution unleashed by the totalitarian regime in the then Popular Republic of Romania. She has a degree in philology at the University of Bucharest, studies in Library Science at the Vatican Library, a long teaching experience in Bucharest and in the librarian domain being, until 1998, the director of the Library of the Pontifical Institute “Regina Mundi” (Rome). She also has a license and a doctorate in Canon Law at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. Since 2000 she’s been teaching, as a docente invitato, Fontes of Romanian Law and Ius particulare in CCEO at the Pontifical Oriental Institute (Rome), also performing for 14 years as the vicar general of her Congregation and Secretary General of the same. She is also editor of a Romanian periodical promoting especially the values of the persecution period.