• Michael Vattappalam
Keywords: Reformation, Roman Curia, Apostolic


Dr. Vattappalam Michael treats the subject ‘Reformations in
the Roman Curia’ in three parts: Part I discusses the Earliest
Form of the Roman Curia: 1. Presbyterium; 2. Synod or
Council; 3. The Offices Staffed by the Palace Clergy; 4.
Consistorium; 5.Congregationes; Part II covers the Major
Documents which Reorganized the Roman Curia and Part
III deals with the Recent Modifications in the Roman Curia:
1. Dispensation from the Obligation of Celibacy deriving
from Ordination; 2. Grave Sins reserved to the
Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith; 3. Dispensation
from Ratified and non-consummated marriage and cases
concerning the nullity of sacred ordination; 4. The Pontifical
Council for Promoting the New Evangelization

Author Biography

Michael Vattappalam

Dr. Vattappalam Michael, a priest of the Eparchy of Palai, did his Licentiate and
Doctorate in Oriental Canon Law at the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome. He
holds the Diploma of Specialization in Jurisprudence from the Gregorian
University, Rome. At present he is the Judicial Vicar of the Eparchy of Palai,
teacher of Canon Law in various seminaries in India. His book The Congregation
for the Eastern Churches: Origins and Competence was published by the Libreria
Editrice Vaticana (1999).