Pastoral and Inter-Ritual Difficulties Regarding Reserved Sins and latae sententiae Censures (Part II)

  • Vinson Joseph Ruhalaya Major Seminary, Ujjain, India
Keywords: confession, Rite, penitent


This article (parts I & II) is based on the author’s research into the canonical nuances of reserved sins, which in a strict sense are found only in CCEO. These are compared with the parallel system of nondeclared latae sententiae censures especially excommunication and interdict, found in CIC). The author claims that these systems are theoretically and legally unequal, and that having two types of reservations concerning the sacrament of penance creates injustices, legal confusions and illegal practices.

Author Biography

Vinson Joseph, Ruhalaya Major Seminary, Ujjain, India

Vinson Joseph (Dr. Fr. Vincent Kadalikkattilputhenpura MST) is a priest belonging to the Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle and hailing from Pala in the state of Kerala, India. He earned his licentiate in Oriental
Canon Law from DVK, Bangalore and completed his doctorate in 2015 from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. At present he is vice-rector and teacher of canon law at Ruhalaya Major Seminary, Ujjain, India.