• Mary Yuen Holy Spirit Seminary College, Hong Kong
Keywords: Catholic Church in Hong Kong, Democracy, Democratic Movement, Ethics of Governance, Hong Kong Protest, Political Participation


This article examines the key elements of practicing democracy by people and rulers from the perspective of the Catholic tradition, with Hong Kong’s recent social movement as an example. It demonstrates how Hong Kong people practice democracy through political participation in a diversity of ways, through public rallies, art, singing, expression through their professions and affinity groups, and so on. However, the government failed to uphold the rule of law and the basic human rights of people, especially freedom of expression and protecting personal safety of people. This article also shows, during the social movement, how Catholic Church leaders, pastors, church organizations and individual Christians exercised their rights and responsibilities of political participation through a variety of means. At the end, the article points out that in the present situation, with a new national security law, the prospect of setting up authentic democratic structures of participation in Hong Kong is dimmed. However, Christians should not give up hope. Christians need to deepen their understanding of democratic values rationally, to feel the suffering of people with compassion affectively, and to keep practicing participation and solidarity in their daily lives. Strengthening the inner self through the practice of contemplation and joining faith and/or civic communities are important.

Author Biography

Mary Yuen, Holy Spirit Seminary College, Hong Kong

Mary Yuen is Professor of Social Ethics at the Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy in Hong Kong. She is also a researcher at the Holy Spirit Study Centre and an editor of Tripod, a journal on Christianity and Contemporary China. She is author of Solidarity and Reciprocity with Migrants in Asia: Catholic and Confucian Ethics in Dialogue (Palgrave Macmillan, name of the city? 2020) and serves as the coordinator of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia, a pan-Asian movement of Catholic women doing theology, from 2020-2022. She is a forum writer of the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church, a network of Catholic moral theologians and ethicists.


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