Trent 2010

Back to the Future

  • Clement Campos Redemptorist Seminary, Bangalore
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There is an apocryphal story told about Cardinal Ottaviani, the archconservative head of the Holy Office. True to his motto, semper idem – always the same, he did his best to prevent the progressive turn of the Second Vatican Council. As the story goes, one morning he was getting late for a session of the Council. He jumped into the nearest Roman taxi and yelled, “Take me to the Council!” The cabbie drove him straight to Trent!

Author Biography

Clement Campos, Redemptorist Seminary, Bangalore

Clement Campos, C.Ss.R. is Professor of Moral Theology at Redemptorist Seminary, Bangalore. He was member of the planning committee of “Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church.”

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