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One of the notable reasons for the dynamism and vitality in many
dioceses and regions across the globe has been one or the other new
generation Catholic associations called Ecclesial Movements. They
are there in a variety of hues and forms all over the world, making
perceptible difference. To think of specific instances, there is Focolare,
founded in 1943 at Trent in Italy, having more than 5,000,000
adherents spread over 182 nations; Neocatechumenal Way had its
beginnings in Madrid and has now more than a million followers
around the world; the Catholic Charismatic Renewal with its
beginnings in the United States in 1967 has touched millions of lives
in almost all the countries of the world; there is Opus Dei,
Communion & Liberation, Couples for Christ, and host of other
movements now flourishing in the Catholic Church, making the
Mother Church ever more youthful and leading it to fresh and
verdant pastures.

Author Biography

Edward A Edezhath, St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam

Dr. Edward A. Edezhath is Associate Professor of English at St. Albert’s College,
Ernakulam, South India and lives near Cochin with his wife Audry and three
children. He is currently the Joint Secretary of the Office of the Laity of the Catholic
Bishop’s Conference of India (CBCI) and the Secretary of Education Commission of
the Kerala Latin Catholic Bishop’s Council. He is one of the initiators and present
International Animator of Jesus Youth movement. His Ph. D. thesis is on “The
Characters in the Dramatic Narratives of Robert Frost”, and is presently working on
a UGC sponsored major research project on the Remnants of the Portuguese
Colonization of Cochin. E-mail:


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