• Joseph Xavier Gregorian University, Rome


Rahner, Revelation, Anthropological Turn, Word of God, Supernatural Existential


The article attempts to revisit Rahner’s understanding of divine revelation in the light of man’s transcendental openness to the Absolute Mystery called God. Therefore, first, it briefly analyses the anthropological presuppositions of Rahner’s theology centred on the concept of ‘supernatural existential.’ Thereafter, it attempts to see how the transcendental enquiry is indeed a ‘theological’ investigation and what are the philosophical-theological bases for his claim that man
is fundamentally capax infiniti for God. It explores how the transcendental openness of man is linked to the Christian idea of revelation, both in grace and in history. Finally, it wants to see how Rahner understands the culmination of revelation in the Christ event is actualised in the Word of God and what are its implications for
contemporary theology.

Author Biography

Joseph Xavier, Gregorian University, Rome

Dr Joseph Xavier, SJ teaches theology at the Gregorian University, Rome. He holds a doctorate in political theology from the same university. His area of specialization is Faith and Revelation. Email: xavier@unigre.it


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