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Pope Francis in October 2013, has convened an Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops to be held in Vatican in October 2014, on the theme “The pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelisation”. The Instrumentum Laboris of the above mentioned 3rd Extraordinary General Assembly, under the sub-head “Special Situations” deals with “Disparity of Cult”. I think it is timely to reflect on this issue of “Disparity of Cult” in our Indian context where such marriages under disparity of cult are in constant increase in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church stresses on the importance of Marriage preparation courses as “Remote Preparation”, “Immediate Preparation” and as “Post Matrimonial Preparation”. But the Post Matrimonial Preparations are not conducted in very many dioceses. Hence it is my earnest desire, through this article, to invite our venerable Bishops and Pastors, to think and to reflect, to work and promote Post Matrimonial Programs for our married couples and very particularly to understand the various issues involved in the life of the families formed out of “Disparity of Cult” and to come up with specific and concrete programs to promote pastoral care towards such families.

Author Biography

Michael Peters, Vice President, Moral Theologians Association, India

Rev. Dr Maria Michael Peters, CPPS, belongs to the Congregation of Precious Blood Missionaries. He completed his Philosophy, Theology, Licentiate and Doctorate in Moral Theology in Rome. He teaches theology in various Ecclesiastical Institutes. He has diploma in Interreligious Dialogue, given at Jerusalem by Shalom Hartman Institute and he was awarded with a Certificate of Recognition for specific studies in the Inter-Religious Dialogue by Russell Berrie Fellows. He is also a wellknown retreat preacher. His books include Inward Journey, Behold Woman and Living Together – With Him Always. He has published several articles. He has a keen interest in Inculturation and in Inter-religious dialogue. He was National Executive Secretary for CCBI Family Commission. Recently he was elected as Vice President for the Moral Theologians Association – India. Email: peterspbm@gmail.com


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