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Domestic Church, Family, Household of God, Lay-Centred Church, Lay Ministries, Mission


How could a lay-centred church come about in our time? With the challenges of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, people were confined to their homes to stop the stemming of the virus. This situation prevented the people of God to attend in person the services in places of worship. Most, if not all, resorted to watching online Masses live streamed or uploaded in different platforms while others began to pray as a family. Indeed, the central role of family in shaping and sustaining the church has been highlighted in this context. The early form of being a church, namely, “household of God,” which was totally lay in composition, is worth retrieving and revitalizing. The potential of empowering families as potent force for the church to move forward in its mission is reconsidered. Now, more than ever, the bond of love that permeates every good family, must inspire the same fellowship among the members of the institutional church. Afterall, is this not what Jesus reminded his followers to exemplify?

Author Biography

Rebecca G. Cacho, De La Salle University, Manila

Rebecca G. Cacho earned her M.A. in Religious Studies at Maryhill School of Theology and a Doctorate in Education major in Religious Education at De La Salle University, Manila. She is currently a professor at the Department of Theology and Religious Education of De La Salle University, Manila. She was part of the Young theologians’ group of the World Council of Churches. She had post-doctoral fellowships as visiting scholar in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and in Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has published articles locally and internationally, and has authored textbooks for K-12 students on Religious Education and theology books for college students.


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