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Pastoral ministry received a scholarly attention merely in this century. However, the Church has been on the move in the establishment of the Kingdom of God and was concerned about the redemption of souls. Our model in this regard is Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing good. Over-exposure to the world and unstable involvement in the institutional services have brought forward numerous challenges to the Pastors and some find it difficult to overcome these challenges. Secularization, globalization and the material affluence have considerably affected the pastors. There lies the relevance for spiritual, disciplined and the holistically efficient pastors for the successful completion of the ministry started by Jesus. Professionalism and excellence shall not be emphasized at the cost of Gospel values; instead, the pastors have to read the signs of the time and shall be capable of giving the core message of the Gospel in the present context. This article is an attempt to get into some of the current challenges of the pastors and emphasizes certain ethical principles in pastoral ministry.

Author Biography

P. Lawrence Thomas , Samanvaya Theology College, Bhopal

P. Lawrence Thomas is a priest in the congregation of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). He holds a Licentiate in Pastoral Theology from Kristu Jyoti College, Bengaluru and a Doctorate in Systematic Theology from Vinzenz Pallotti University, Germany. To his credit there are three books and a few articles. He is a visiting Lecturer at several Institutes including DVK, Bengaluru and Khrist Premalaya Regional Theologate, Ashta, Madhya Pradesh. At present he is the Programme Coordinator at Poornodaya Missiological Centre, Bhopal and a residential staff in Samanvaya Theological College, Bhopal.


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