• Wilson Angelo G Espiritu Ateneo de Manila University
  • Edwin B Odulio Ateneo de Manila University
Keywords: Christian Hope, Common Good, Discernment, Kingdom of God, Tantum Quantum, Technology


The past century testifies to how technology can bring not only good benefits to humanity but also harm and destruction. Since then, the potential threat of destruction of the human race and of the entire planet pervades. Given this scenario, how should Christians relate with the present unremitting technological developments that may not only be beneficial but also detrimental to life on earth? In this paper, we propose that Christians, on the basis of their ultimate hope
for the fulfilment of God’s Kingdom, should uphold technological development insofar as it helps in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Otherwise, it is their responsibility to be actively critical to and resisting these movements. This position is based on the Ignatian Principle Tantum Quantum or “insofar as” it leads in the pursuit of the end for which we were created. In secular terms, Christians should be progressive in whatever contributes to the common good and preservation of life and defensive in anything that may threaten them. This position shall be particularly situated in the Philippine context given the prevailing issues on public services, access to communication and information technology, and the effects of the global ecological crisis.

Author Biographies

Wilson Angelo G Espiritu, Ateneo de Manila University

Wilson Angelo G. Espiritu is a faculty of the Theology Department at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. He completed his MA in Theological Studies at the same university. He currently teaches Theology courses both in the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests include Hope and Kingdom of God Theologies, Political and Liberation Theologies, Practical Soteriology, and Ignatian Spirituality. He is actively involved in various formation programs for young Filipinos and Church organizations. Email:

Edwin B Odulio, Ateneo de Manila University

Edwin B. Odulio is a theology instructor at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. He finished his master’s degree in Theological Studies at the Ateneo and is currently taking his PhD degree in Theology. He teaches courses that deal with the Catholic social vision and is involved in the different outreach activities to help the youth to understand better their Christian faith. Email:


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