A Review of Spiritual Intelligence Among Nuns


  • N. Sasikala, Dr. Watinarolongkumer and Dr. R. Selvaraju Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram


In light of the psychological setting, the paper suggests spiritual intelligence. Based on educational psychology, it fosters spiritual intelligence. This article has tried to identify, understand, learn, research, develop, construct, assess, and critically explore the key elements that improve spiritual intelligence while adopting a positive outlook and appreciating and showing interest in them. The paper concludes that if spiritual intelligence can change types of people’s behaviour patterns, it can help people live creatively and constructively in the new socio-psycho-physical environment to achieve the highest knowledge and wisdom. This is spiritual wisdom. However, the current study indicates that having spiritual intelligence would benefit both persons and nuns in particular and individuals in general for the better of the global.