The Formation of Future Priests: Three Fundamental Frameworks of Formation


  • Paulachan Kochappilly Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram


Incarnation, Communion, Communication, Liturgy


The mystery of Incarnation — the image of Jesus Christ — illustrates the advocacy and urgency of formation- which is the backdrop of communication and communion. The article talks about the importance of formation in the context of liturgy and their role in the Church. It emphasizes that priests should be like Jesus Christ, attracting people through their appearance and demeanor. The article calls for an ongoing and humble approach to liturgical formation, recognizing that the mystery celebrated in the liturgy surpasses human understanding and requires a lifelong commitment to learning and wonder. In summary, the text emphasizes the significance of liturgical formation, the beauty of the liturgy, the role of wonder, and the importance of joy in the life of priests and their ministry.