Perspectives of the Eucharistic Change

Book Review


  • Anto Amarnad Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bengaluru


The book of Dr. Jomon is distinctive with its contents on Eucharistic theology and it helps us interpret the supreme role of the Eucharist wellmatched to today’s postmodern contexts. Surely, it is not an easy reading book but we need to put our whole attention and devotion to understand the depth of the matters discussed in it. This book is a response to a global revival of the Christian faith and for the understanding of the deep meaning of our Eucharistic mission. The research results of Fr. Jomon bring before us the invaluable history of the Church’s understanding of the Eucharistic change right from the beginning to the postmodern days and enable every Christian to transform oneself as a living gift by carrying the feast of love in one’s daily life. I strongly recommend this amazing book for all those who want to comprehend the deep meaning of the Eucharist and lead a life centered on the Eucharist. This book would be the right choice for the theologians and philosophers who would enjoy the results of modern research sharing insights from the interdisciplinary  scholarship. Particularly this serious book will clarify many questions on Eucharistic mysteries.