• Marie Eugene D’Almeida Carmel Jwala, Patna, Bihar, India


MIDLIFE CRISIS, vocational crisis, impact of Vatican II


The vocational crisis among priests, brothers and women religious, was not the sudden impact of Vatican II or its receding ripples. That was a phenomenon which was there, prevalent even today, and will continue to occur. As one nears the age of 40 and 50, one may discover that one has lost the power of youth. The perception of change occuring within oneself, begins with a sense of emptiness, loneliness and disenchantment in what one was doing or how one was living. A deep depression, quite common in this period, can lead one to believe that one has made the wrong commitment, which may then to disillusionment in one’s goal. A balanced and healthy philosophy with which to view this crisis in midlife, can be provided by mature professionals and spiritual directors who cater to men and women within this transition period. However, immature guides and counselors, unaware of their own hidden needs and their responsibility in respecting boundaries in their helping role as professionals, may misguide their clients rather than help them. The goal of counseling is to help the individual pass through this stage, without making any radical changes as a consequence of the crisis state.


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