Saint Gregory of Narek

The Thirty Sixth Doctor of the Church


  • James Mathew Pampara Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bengaluru


Saint Gregory of Narek, Armenian Saint, Narek


Saint Gregory of Narek, who was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on 12 April 2015 by Pope Francis is the first Armenian Saint to be elevated to such a special honour. His famous works include his mystical interpretation on the Song of Songs and the mystical poem commonly called the Book of Prayer or the Book of Lamentations or simply “Narek”. It was written towards the end of his life in 1003 AD. It is acclaimed as an “encyclopaedia of prayer for all nations,” consists of 95 prayers on human being’s separation from God and his quest to reunite with him. The Book of Prayer has been compared with Psalms and Saint Augustine’s Confessions, and bears some resemblance to the Hymns of Simeon the New Theologian, and the Hymns of Ephrem the Syrian.


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