The Divine Pedagogy of Formation XIII - An Eccentric Formee


  • Paul Kalluveettil Little Flower Novitiate, Trichur, Kerala


Divine Pedagogy, Jonah, Disciple, Formation


The call and the response of Jonah standout on account of its abruptness and unexpected twists. The trainee tries to evade his Guru by running away from him. The divine Pedagogue knew the obstinate and insolent nature of his trainee and prepared the belly of a whale to form and transform him. However, the selfrighteous formee tries to indict his format or by finding fault with his works and belittles Yahweh by enumerating his crimes. He never cared about anybody else other than himself. The Book of Jonah ends with a question addressed to the representatives of God in every age. Whether to imbibe the divine perspective and become a true disciple is a choice left to us.