Becoming Fire that Ignites Other Fires


  • Ann Mary CMC Carmelaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Consecrated Life, Interiority, Jeremiah experience, Fellowship, Prophetic witnessing of Christ, Evangelical Counsels


Consecrated Life is a sincere attempt to reincarnate Christ in our complex and conflicting life situations. It demands from the part of a religious person a relentless search and a deep hunger for interiority. A religious must find her/his interior health and wealth in and through a personal relationship with God. When our inner core gets supernaturally charged, naturally we start radiating the Holy Spirit, burning as if a fire is shut up in our bones - a Jeremiah experience (Jer 20:9) that transforms our life into a divine mission. Presenting Christ to the world through personal witnessing is the primary task of the consecrated (VC, 72). A vibrant spirituality that enhances life, a genuine fellowship that sustains and supports community life and a prophetic witnessing of Christ through the practice of Evangelical Counsels are essential parts of revitalizing consecrated life.


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