Maria Petyt

Mystic and Searcher


  • Helen Rolfson Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota, USA


Maria Petyt, The Life of Maria Petyt, Unitive life, Mystic


Maria Petyt, though not widely known, deserves the attention and admiration of those who pursue the spiritual path. Her naive upbringing and the ordinary and orderly life she led are not in fact, deterrents but credits or merits that make her an excellent role model for spiritual aspirants. Her spiritual biography The Life of Maria Petyt published by her spiritual director exposes her gradual evolution from naivety to mystic life. Maria was extraordinarily open to the work of God in her soul, no matter the source. She benefited from all circumstances of life. Even when she had no immediate access to spiritual counsel, she continued to be led interiorly by God. She gradually moved from “the active life” to “inner life” and eventually to “unitive life.”