Seeing God in All Things

Some Catholic and Hindu Insights


  • Francis X Clooney Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA


Saint Ignatius, Seeing, seeking, and finding God in all things


The invitation of Saint Ignatius to see, to seek, to find God in all things is multidimensional. The quest to see God in all things can be naturally extended also to seeing God in the religious traditions around us. In a climate of true interreligious exchange, we can learn from saints and mystics in other traditions methods to see God in all things, and can also evaluate us in the light of their experience of God everywhere. Shrivaishnava Hindu tradition of South India and its visionary texts from the medieval era demonstrate us something of the Hindu version of “seeing, seeking, and finding God in all things”. This facilitates us to move to a new, deeper and more intense moment in interreligious encounter. The mutual gaze and mutual recognition of God’s presence will affirm the best insights of our traditions, and also open us into an entirely new interreligious moment.


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