Focusing on the Bolivia KSP Case


  • Eunji Kim Kunsan National University, Korea
  • Youngrok Kim Kangwon National University, Korea


Developing Countries, Empirical Analysis, Fiscal Rule, Incremental Development, Pooled OLS, Sustainability


Korea’s Knowledge Sharing Programme (KSP) plays a crucial role in moving beyond rudimentary development aid toward the era of sustainability by establishing global partnerships. Within this framework, at the request of the Bolivian government to the Korean government, KSP Bolivia was conducted, focusing on the development of the fiscal rules for the Bolivian budget management. Korea analysed Bolivia’s various economic indicators to identify the current issues in the Bolivian national economy and to suggest appropriate fiscal rules to address such issues. In conclusion, this study emphasises the importance of the KSP’s role in promoting global sustainability through partnerships. In particular, through this study, it was confirmed that the KSP is deeply related to the resolutions and agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Author Biographies

Eunji Kim, Kunsan National University, Korea

Dr Eunji Kim is Associate Professor of Kunsan National University, Korea

Youngrok Kim, Kangwon National University, Korea

Dr Youngrok Kim is Professor of Kangwon National University and participated in 2013 Knowledge Sharing Programme with Bolivia as a policy advisory team


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