• Jing Guo
Keywords: Culture of Harmony, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, World Development, Xi Jinping


This paper examines the idea of a Human Community of Shared Destiny and its relationship and contribution in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The community of shared interest for humanity is a concept that represents China’s flagship vision of a more just and secure world. This shared destiny for humankind is a new paradigm that is an inheritance, innovation and development of Marxian philosophy and traditional Chinese wisdom. As the world’s largest developing country, China envisages itself as an active initiator and builder of world peace and global development. This vision of a global community covers the aspects of politics, security, economy, culture, ecology, global governance and international order. In this project, China expects to play the role of a global leader by focusing international efforts towards eradicating the global issues of poverty, reduced inequalities, and sustainable ecological and economic development as well as promoting partnerships that are beneficial for progress of humankind. On the basis of analysing the characteristics of the thought of a global community of a common future, this paper studies the relationship between China’s vision and its potential in realising the various SDGs for the purpose of a common good. It also discusses its realistic significance and value in the contemporary international society.

Author Biography

Jing Guo

¨Jing Guo holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Weifang Medical University and works at the School of Laws, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, China. Her research interests include crisis management and psychology.


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