A Christian Perspective


  • Chiedu Onyiloha University of Port Harcourt


Catholic Church, Created Beings, Supreme Being, Law, Order



This study argues that natural law is a body of laws imbedded in the order of creation, which provides rationale for the created order including human person both in a state of rationality or spirituality. Natural law lays the key frame for the understanding of the self and other non-human beings in creation. Aristotle developed the concept, but Thomas Aquinas put a garb of ethical theory on it, chiefly from a Christian outlook. Thus, the phenomenon is considered from its nature, meaning, functions and significance including extant controversies. The Catholic Church’s pedagogy and ethics also form the study’s scope. From methodology, the work is phenomenological, historical, and analytical as well as logically compliant with syllogism in collection and analysis of data. The research infers that natural law is useful to societal wellbeing.

Author Biography

Chiedu Onyiloha, University of Port Harcourt

Dr Chiedu A. Onyiloha, an Ethicist and a Catholic priest, is a Lecturer in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His research interests include ethical themes in development and praxis, civics and biodiversity, culture of life and culture of death, and, information and communication.


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