Kuriakose Elias Chavara of the Holy Family: A Pastor with the Sense of Mystery and the Experience of the Divine


  • Paulachan Kochappilly Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram


This article is a humble attempt to trace the characteristics of Saint Kurikose Elias Chavara of the Holy Family with a particular reference to the Fathers of the Church, showcasing the sense of Mystery and the experience of the Divine manifest in his writings. Imbibing the spirit of Eastern theological outlook, Kuriakose Elias seems immersed in the Liturgical tradition of the Thomas Christians of India, which celebrates the Mystery of the Divine and highlights human dignity outstandingly. His Colloquies with Heavenly Father (Dhyanasallapangal) showcases Kuriakose’s mystical, poetic, pastoral insights and inclinations soaked in spiritual conversation. The sequence of the article is simple: Mystery, Ministry, and Mercy, all moving in unison to enlighten and empower human beings to see the glory, joy, and beauty of the Mystery of the Trinity through the efficacy of human agents.