Saint Kuriakose Elias Chāvara, an Exemplary Liturgical Catechist


  • Maryann Madhavathu Carmel Jyothi Vidhya Bhavan, Aluva,


As one of the primary tasks of the Church, catechesis has in its heart the paschal mystery. Catechizing is to lead a person to go deep into this mystery with knowledge about its different dimensions. Liturgical catechesis is mystagogy in its strict sense. This study unfolds Chāvara’s efforts to make the faithful involve in the living mystery of Christ. Liturgical catechesis strives to lead communities and individuals of the Church to maturity of faith through full and active participation in the liturgy. Catechists not only teach but also share their faith and guide their students to learn how to apply and live their faith. In that logic, Kuriakose Elias Chāvara was a great catechist who taught the Kerala Church about the essence of faith i.e., the paschal mystery of Christ through his activities as well as through his life example. Chāvara’s life in the paschal rhythm of dying and rising, the way he spread the divine wisdom he gained through his involvement in the mystery of Christ, how he prepared the faithful of Kerala Church for mystagogical catechesis and how he became an exemplary catechist for the Church of all times are discussed in this paper.