Origins, Spirituality and Impact in Asia


  • Lolita L Castillo De La Salle University


FOCOLARE, Spirituality and Impact, Asia


The Focolare Movement has its origins in Trent, Italy. It began in 1943
amidst the background of the World War II. The lesson that God was
giving Chiara Lubich, the founder, then 23 years old and her youth
companions through the circumstance of the war was: “Everything is
vanity of vanities: everything passes away.” It seemed that God
raised a question in their hearts: “Is there an ideal that no bomb can
destroy, for which we can give all of ourselves? And they
understood: “Yes, God.” And so they decided to make God the
reason for their living.

Author Biography

Lolita L Castillo, De La Salle University

Dr Lolita L. Castillo (Philippines) has been a member of the Focolare movement for
the last 35 years. She obtained M.A. and Ph.D. in religious and values education from
De La Salle University, Manila, where she has been faculty since 1994. Specialization:
theology and spirituality of Chiara Lubich, ecumenism, Asian religions. E-mail:





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