Challenges of Human Sexuality and Life Cycle

  • Marie Eugene D’Almeida Carmel Jwala, Patna, Bihar, India
Keywords: Human Sexuality, Life Cycle, sexual orientation, cybersex, sexual deviations, sexual compulsivity


How does an individual know that he/she is in trouble with Internet use? The Web offers a host of choices for sexual expression on Online, without considering the age group, sexual orientation, faith or sexual deviations, and with such graphic details! Many users are unaware that they can be traced while the Web offers the illusion of privacy in all Web communications. Several difficulties have surfaced regarding cases of cybersex. By the time the attention of parents, elders, and religious superiors is brought to focus on the pattern of sexual compulsivity and persistent behaviour that their wards and subjects are addicted to, it is too late for intervention and for recovery. While the person makes illicit sexual contacts with others, people have discovered bundles of pornographic images, or sites that pop up on their e-mail boxes or in their personal belongings. A careful study of sexuality, the need to impart a clear understanding on homosexuality and same-sex attractions, are needs of the times. It is the task of the mental health professionals, especially those in formation and those involved in the service of imparting holistic education, to make a careful evaluation to remedy the problems. Are we sufficiently aware of the misuse of Internet, compromise of integrity, the struggles that individuals/ consecrated persons undergo and the devastating impact on the moral, mental, spiritual and religious character of their consecrated life? What treatment programmes do we make available to remedy such transgressions?