Formation for Freedom and Transformation

Psycho-Spiritual Determinants in Formation Processes

  • Dionysius Vaz Novice Director, Mount St. Joseph Jesuit Novitiate, Bangalore, India
Keywords: Formation, Psycho-Spiritual Determinants, Formation Processes, Freedom and Transformation


Human life has a purpose. Our vocation is nothing other than finding what we were born for and realizing it day  by day. It is the situations and the surroundings in which we find ourselves that determine and shape our vocation. Therefore, sensitivity is a vital determinant in the Formation process. Formation is a process for freedom and transformation and not for training. Unfortunately, much of our formation has led not to transformation but deformation where formees learn to adjust and survive. A healthy formation should involve the capacity to share more of one’s authentic self in detail and depth. This presupposes not only a certain self-knowledge but also skills of self-disclosure and taking the risks to share with trusted others, whether they are formators, superiors, spiritual guides or companions.


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