The Divine Pedagogy of Formation IX - A ZEALOUS FORMEE

  • Paul Kalluveettil Little Flower Novitiate, Trichur, Kerala
Keywords: Elijah, Divine Pedagogy of Formation, Sound of sheer silence


Unlike other prophets, Elijah suddenly appears on the central stage with a divine message to the erring king and his people. It implies that for quite some time Elijah was under formation and had already acquired a certain amount of maturity to be entrusted with a demanding mission. However, the divine Pedagogue continued His ongoing formation until the apprentice attained full maturity. Overwhelmed and inebriated by his grand success in the execution of his divine mandate the supercilious formee transgressed his limit and went for a mass execution of his opponents. As a result, the compassionate yet infinitely patient divine Formator decided to teach his formee a very painful lesson by allowing him to descent to the Hades of nada (emptiness) to purge him of his inflated ego so that purified, he may ascent to the heavens on wings of fire. Through the mysterious “sound of sheer silence” the divine Guru whispered into the ears of his super-zealous disciple the unheard melodies of divine mercy.