“My hand over my mouth... I have nothing more to say”

Letting Allah Breakthrough Our Dogmatic Certainties

  • John Mansford Prior St. Paul’s Institute of Philosophy, Ledalero, Indonesia
Keywords: The Book of Job, Ayyub, Religious dogmatism


This is a personal reflection by a Christian on The Book of Job/Ayyub from the Hebrew Bible. Religious dogmatism confines adherents within their tradition over against adherents of other
religious traditions. Such a stance is not able to respond to the great improbables of life such as the suffering of the innocent. It can also lead to communal conflict and to the impoverishment of faith by imaging God in superficial anthropomorphic terms. Only through facing the tempest within ourselves, and in the surrounding society, will we encounter Allah the All Merciful, the All Compassionate, who moves us beyond dogmatic certainties and religious partisanship. Such was the journey of Job/Ayyub: a journey from certainty to faith. With such a purifying journey we can embrace religious pluralism not as compromise but rather as an occasion for mutual conversion and mutual enrichment.


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