Pedagogy of Formation – XVI Formation of the Good Ones

  • Paul Kalluveettil Little Flower Novitiate, Trichur, Kerala
Keywords: Tobit, formators, formees, way of suffering


This study takes us into the world of the divine formation, given to Tobit, Tobias, Anna, Sarah, Raguel and Edna. The Pedagogue made them to undergo the way of suffering, through which they were freed from the bond of their microcosm. He helped them to cling to him in distress and despair and bless them. The narrative teaches the modern formators and formees to be seen in its characters the prototypes of Christ, the perfect paradigm of the good ones and of almsgivers. He willingly and unconditionally embraced the via crucis, because of which God raised him to the heights and bestowed the name above all names, at the mention of the name every knee should bow in heaven, on earth and in sheol, an every tongue acclaim “Jesus Christ is Lord,” to the glory of God, the Father, Phil.2:5-11.