Nyaya Panchayat

Towards Speedy and Easy Justice

  • Davis Panadan DVK
Keywords: Nyaya Panchayat, justice, paraphernalia


 India, being a country of the ancient civilizations in the world, possesses a valuable heritage in the field of administration of justice. India's rich cultural heritage in the field of administration of justice and the need to bring those institutions in the form of Nyaya Panchayat (village courts) institution and the common people should be brought to limelight, especially against the present practices of time consuming, costly, extravagant and expensive paraphernalia that involve in the administration of justice. In this context, new structures, procedures and organization of new Nyaya Panchayats need to be in place. India's massive attempt to provide access to justice for hundreds of millions of villagers through promotion of Nyaya Panchayat is theoretically provocative as well as of practical import.


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