• Wenjun Shen Xi’an University of Finance and Economics
Keywords: Corporate Culture, Enterprise Responsibility, Globalization, Moral Cultivation, Righteousness, Profit


Under the background of economic globalization, due to the intensification of competition and changes in the social and business environment, ethics has become a growing concern for the management of enterprises. It has become a necessary choice to strengthen the construction of ethics and morality in enterprises in order to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. By exploring the relationship between ethics and sustainable develop­ment of the enterprise, this article points out the importance of ethics and morality in the process of enterprise development and provides references for the sustainable development of modern enterprises.

Author Biography

Wenjun Shen, Xi’an University of Finance and Economics

Dr Wenjun Shen is a Lecturer, at the School of Law, Xi’an University of Finance and Economics, China, with a PhD in School of Law from Fukuoka University, Japan.


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