Two Identity Builders in Amity and Enmity

Religion and Politics

  • Vincent Kundukulam MG University
Keywords: Civil Religion, Deprivatization of Religion, Patronization of Religious Symbols by Politics, Secular Nationalism, Political and Religious Interactions, Religious Nationalism


Religion and politics are the two ancient social institutions which propose, each in its own way, a notion of how to live in this world. Since both of them structure the social living of people they are everywhere interactive. The constant interaction of politics and religion in different countries gives birth to diverse forms of political and religious co-habitations and there emerges consequent issues revolving their identities, methods of reaching out to people and means of their survival. This paper explains the rationale of the inevitable alliance between politics and religion, exposes the important models of politics and religion co-existing in the current world and examines the potential of religion to withstand the attempts of politics to overwhelm religion. It also envisages that the emerging cold war between secular and religious nationalisms will not result in disastrous casualties.

Author Biography

Vincent Kundukulam, MG University

Dr Vincent Kundukulam is Professor of ‘Theology and Religious Sciences’ in the Pontifical Institute Alwaye (PIA), and at present its President. He has his doctorate from the Sorbonne University, Paris and Post-doctoral from the Catholic Institute, Paris. His specialization is in the areas of Hindutva, Theology of Religions and Postmodernity. He teaches at different faculties in India and is a Research Guide at MG University, Kottayam. He is an Editorial Board Member of a few scientific journals and columnist in Light of Truth and Satyadeepam. He has authored seven books and over seventy articles in French, English, and Malayalam.


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