Religion and Development for People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace


The Journal of Dharma, from its inception, understands religion as “one of the deepest dimensions of culture,” and is committed to “disseminate the seeds of the Sacred in every bit of our secular existence and to re-integrate the entire material Universe in the Spirit of Truth and Holiness” (Editorial of the first issue). Together with the promotion of inter-religious dialogue, the Journal of Dharma promotes critical and creative dialogue between the sacred and the secular with the conviction that they are inextricably intertwined and complementary in the forms of life. The present volume, Volume 47 in 2022 investigates the interface between Religion and Development. In tune with the focus of the Global Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the Journal of Dharma invites scholars to share their fruits of research exploring the relationship between ‘Religion,’ the most ancient and ever new dimension of humanity, and ‘Development,’ the mantra of the industrialised and industrialising world and an essential feature of the secular today. People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships are presented as the Five Pillars of the 2030 Agenda for transforming our world. It is a call for all to live sustainably, individually and globally, keeping in mind the wisdom that our planet is on loan from our children, rather than a gift from our ancestors.

From a religious point of view, there are no facts of the secular that are not influenced by the sacred, and the sacred aspects of human life are influenced directly or indirectly by the secular fields of human life. At a time when the convictions of millions of believers do so much to shape the geopolitics and the survival of humanity on the planet, it is not wise to discount them as misguided delusions. Listening to great experiences and insights of religious traditions of humanity is a source of knowledge and to ignore it would be an unacceptable policing by academia, economics, and politics. Rejecting the fruits of science, technology, democracy, and globalization are also delusional. In continuing with its noble tradition of dialogue between the sacred and the secular, the Journal of Dharma invites scholars to submit research papers, that are prepared following the Author Guidelines, focussing on one or more SDGs. Selected papers will be conceptually grouped into the five pillars of SDG, the five Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships.

47.1 Religion and Development for People (15 December 2021)

47.2 Religion and Development for Planet (15 March 2022)

47.3 Religion and Development for Prosperity (15 June 2022)

47.4 Religion and Development for Peace (15 August 2022)

                                                   (Last dates of submissions are given in the brackets)

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