Alcune considerazioni a partire dalle richieste di dispensa dagli obblighi derivanti dalla Sacra Ordinazione presentate alla Congregazione per il Clero.

  • Andrea Ripa Congregation for the Clergy, Vatican
Keywords: sfera affettiva, inidoneità, guida spirituale, ambiente famigliare, seminario, fuga dal mondo, formazione, raffreddamento, immaturità, celibato.


The practices for granting dispensations from the obligations deriving from the Holy Ordination that the Congregation for the Clergy deals with are around 8-900 each year. In them, various problems emerge which lead clerics to abandon the ministry to ask for dispensation, not infrequently even within a few years from ordination. What clearly emerges is that, as a rule, this abandonment occurs as consequences of "fragility", "fundamental shortcomings" already present at the time of the initial formation in the Seminary, but not perceived – either by the person concerned and or by the formators - nor addressed at the appropriate moment. Starting from the "jurisprudence", so to speak, of the Congregation for the Clergy, the article highlights some types of difficulties, mostly affective and spiritual, which hide the absence of vocation or impede its correct development, and consequently abandon the ministry and ask for dispensation. From these shortcomings, then, in a positive way, some suggestions and reflections are drawn, aimed at taking better care and strengthening the initial and ongoing formation.

Author Biography

Andrea Ripa, Congregation for the Clergy, Vatican

Andrea Ripa was born in Rimini on January 5, 1972, is a presbyter of the diocese of Rimini from September 25, 2004. He holds a degree in classical literature from the Università di Urbino and a doctorate in canon law from the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome. He is a Rotal Lawyer, has been serving since 2013 at the Congregation for the Clergy, of which he is the Under-Secretary since 2017. He was Judge and Adjunct Judicial Vicar at the Ecclesiastical Regional Tribunal of Flaminio, in Bologna. He is an honorary Conventual Chaplain of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.