• Rahul Sima Kauvery Hospital, Chennai
Keywords: Consent Process, Covid-19, Covid-19 Vaccine, Epidemiology, Healthcare Workers


At present there is no effective therapy for COVID-19 and all current therapies based on previous evidence of drugs and hypotheses and are being used with limited evidence. This applies to the vaccine as well. Researchers face huge challenges in generating high-quality data while putting scientific and ethical principles into practice in the face of restriction of movement and lockdowns. It is clear that inequalities related to social determinants of health are actually magnified during a crisis. ‘Sheltering in place’ does not inflict hardship equally on all people. In this article we look at the challenges to medical research from an epidemiological perspective, including data collection and patient selection, choice of drugs for research, pharmaceutical challenges including those posed by governments and vaccines, and challenges to clinical research: consent, funding and the role of the doctors.

Author Biography

Rahul Sima, Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

Dr Rahul Sima is a Surgeon currently pursuing his Diplomate of National Board in Vascular Surgery at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai. He also teaches post graduate surgical students. He holds other degrees in the field of medicine and hospital administration, and has published extensively in medical journals. He has a background in theology and is avidly interested in the field of bioethics. He is currently a member of the Bangalore Bioethics Forum.


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