• Gabriel Mathias St Anthony’s Friary, Bangalore
Keywords: Boundary Violations, Celibacy, Celibate Achievement, Clerical Sexual Abuse, Dual Relationships, Intimacy Deficit, Paedophilic Disorder, Seminary Formation, Sexuality, Sexual Integration


According to research on the crisis of clerical abuse of minors in the Catholic church, especially the report of the John Jay College Research Team (2011), The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, defective human formation in seminaries contributed to the crisis. The article deals with ways of remedying the situation proposing suggestions for integrated celibate living and supports for achieving celibacy. Specific to paedophilia, there are details of the red-flags and warning signs that the formators need to pay attention to, as well as ways to address intimacy deficits, boundary violations and stress points in ministry which can trigger abuse.

Author Biography

Gabriel Mathias, St Anthony’s Friary, Bangalore

Gabriel Mathias OFM holds a licentiate degree from the Institute of Psychology of the Gregorian University, Rome. He has been a regular visiting lecturer at Seminaries such as St Pius X Seminary, Mumbai, St Peter’s Seminary, Bangalore as well as at formation Institutes in India such as AVP, NBCLC, NVSC, etc. In his Franciscan province, besides teaching and being a formator for many years he has been the Vice provincial as well as the General Councillor of his Order. At present he is the Superior at St Anthony’s Friary, Bangalore.


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