• Jojo M. Fung Loyola School of Theology, Manila
Keywords: Capitaloncene, Colonial Temporality, Contemplativity, Electropollution, Mysticaloncene, Pneumatolocene


In the light of the lockdown due to COVID-19, this article offers a theological reflection on the emptiness of the streets and the churches and how this pandemic has facilitated the outflow of contemplative richness from within the hitherto untapped wellsprings of many believers and the creativity of the Church. The pandemic has generated forthcoming narratives related to the victorious Peoples’ War, xenophobic Orientalism, electropollution, pharma-elitism, genetic studies and ecological factors. Moreover, this pandemic has ushered in the era of mysticalone in which there is a heightened awareness of the actions of Rûah Elohim in the age of pneumatolocene in terms of contemplativity, sacrificial spirit, and spirt of Prophetic voice

Author Biography

Jojo M. Fung, Loyola School of Theology, Manila

Fr Jojo M. Fung, SJ hails from Malaysia. He teaches Contextual Theology at the East Asian Pastoral Institute and the Loyola School of Theology, Manila. He has published many articles on contextual theology, missiology, environmental theology and ethics. Upcoming books: Cosmicism: Foundations for Creational Pneumatology and Enspirited Leadership; Sacred Sojourn of an Asian Pilgrim and Trinitarian Cosmicism: Mystagogy for Schola Contemplativa. He serves as an international Chaplain of the Global Movement of Catholic Students, a board member of Sacred Springs: Dialogue Institute of Spirituality and Sustainability, and President of the Board of the Asian Lay Leadership Forum


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