• Rosabell Ramirez Fondacio
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Fondacio Christians for the world is an international Christian
community sharing a common spirituality: to live in union with Jesus
Christ and to love the world. As Christians for the world, the
members’ faith in God, which calls each one to live life to its fullness,
is at the heart of their daily lives and their commitments within
society. They have the desire to proclaim the Good News, and come
together to share, pray, engage in personal and spiritual
development, and be at the service of others.

Author Biography

Rosabell Ramirez, Fondacio

Rosabell Ramirez (Philippines) has been a member of Fondacio Philippines since
1988. A member in a long-term commitment since 2006, she is currently working fulltime
for the community as part of the Mission Group in Davao, located in the
southern part of the Philippines. She is also working with the Communications Desk
for Fondacio Asia. E-mail:

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