A Theological Response

  • Vincent Kundukulam
  • Raj Irudaya
Keywords: Religious Nationalism, India, Hindutva Movement, Politics of Economy, Indian-ness


Indian Theological Association (ITA) Statement 2018 : We, the members of Indian Theological Association (ITA) gathered at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (DVK), Bengaluru for the 41st Annual meeting cum Conference from 26 to 29 April 2018, to deliberate on the theme “Challenges of Religious Nationalism in India Today,” searched together for an adequate theological response to the implied potentials of this phenomenon threatening the harmony and integrity of India. Presentations, deliberations and discussions endeavoured an in-depth analysis of the problematic, taking into account of its religious, cultural, political and economic implications and intricacies. We sensed an ethnocentric ideology of Hindutva virulently being advocated and enforced through covert and overt politics of polarizations, social divisions, cultural and religious chauvinism, which would radically attack India’s fundamental credentials and legacies of religious tolerance, inclusive pluralism, and path of ahimsa. Thereby, the destiny of our country which was envisioned in justice, peace and harmony, would be jeopardized irrevocably. As concerned citizens as well as true followers of Jesus, we felt the resolve to respond to this ominous scenario in utmost earnestness resonating with the wisdom and vision of the Indian Constitution which has upheld and fostered India as a federated fellowship of people of multiple cultures, religions, and ethnic groups, living in peace and harmony since the Independence of our country.



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