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Vol. 15, No. 2, June 2021



Call for Papers

Climate Change continues to be a serious concern, demanding urgent response from various fields. Though the significance and urgency of this issue have been pointed out by many, it is pertinent to ask whether the response of the human community has been sufficient.

There is wide consensus that there is a disturbing change in the climate system, and that humans are responsible for that. Laudato Si’ acknowledges that, “Scientific studies indicate that most global warming in recent decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases…” (LS, 23). Climate Change raises questions about justice, intergenerational justice, and sustainable development. Though all are affected by climate change and its consequences, the poor, indigenous people, and other marginalised groups are more affected, and hence preferential option for them and solidarity with them demand immediate responses. Climate change asks us to reconsider our concepts of development, economy, market, etc. The “Special Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year” is a particular occasion to choose this theme for the June 2021 issue of Asian Horizons. Moreover, Covid-19 Pandemic has prompted us to reflect on our treatment to “our common home.” We also welcome articles on different initiatives taken as responses to climate change.

June 2021 issue of Asian Horizons invites articles on “Climate Change: Theological Responses.”

Suggested Topics [only suggestions, not exhaustive]:

- Climate Change: Developments in Catholic Theology

- Climate Change: Resources and Responses from Other Churches and Other Religions

- Climate Change: Insights from Science

- Climate Change, Laudato Si’

- Climate Change and Ecological Conversion

- Developing a New Eco-Spirituality

- Climate Change and Integral Ecology

- Climate Change and the World Economy

- Effect of Climate Change on the Poor

- Effect of Climate Change on Women and Children

- Climate Change, Justice and Intergenerational Justice

- Indigenous Voices on Climate Change

- Climate Change and Politics

- Climate Change and Sustainable Development, and Sustainable Living

- Reflections on Climate Change in the Context of Covid-19

- Responses, Initiatives and Creative Models to Remedy Climate Change

Please send your articles (4500-5000 words, including the footnotes) at the latest by 1 April 2021. Kindly include the abstract of the article in 150-200 words, 5-7 Keywords and a summary of the CV of the author in 100-150 words.

Other regular items: “New Scholars”: Abstract of doctoral theses (recently defended and not yet published); Reports and Statements of important conferences, Book Reviews.

For submitting the articles and for more details: Shaji George Kochuthara (editor-in-chief):

You may also submit the articles through

N.B. Kindly forward this to your friends and colleagues.

[Asian Horizons, published from DVK, is a forum for theological reflection in the Asian context marked by economic poverty, cultural diversity and religious plurality. Although the focus is on theological reflection in the context of Asia, we also address theological developments and concerns of the universal Church and try to dialogue with the Church in various contexts. Hence we welcome authors from all over the world. Asian Horizons was launched in 2007 as a biannual. From 2011 it is published as a quarterly. We have an editorial board consisting of members from India, other Asian countries and other continents.]


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